Friday, January 6, 2012

Was going to write more but...

..Worked last night for the first time this year.  It's in one of the smaller clubs I work in my area.  This poor club was sold and when the new owner couldn't deal with the reality of running this club, he sold it back to the original owner, who is a big sweetheart.  However, the (new) owner had gutted the place, trying to turn a topless beer club into a nude bar; he did away with the lighting (really dark), threw out most of the furniture, including the pool table and (unbelievable) the ice machine!  They now have to go to a nearby store to get ice!

So, the big sale/new owner scared off most of their dancers.  Only a few loyal cuties remained along with certain dancers that really have no choice.  The result of this, is that even the cuties there are depressed because of lack of $$.  It's not that they are not cute, it's just that they are there ALL OF THE TIME.  Patrons get bored, cuties get bored, so patrons don't come back and cuties get way knackered!

I walked into a dressing room (a small one) with some very, very depressed cuties.  Since I have not danced there in over three weeks, everyone elses mini-depressions worked in my favor.  I had a great time, one of my regular friends was there and a youngish Hispanic guy declared me his "numero uno" and showered me with American dinero every time I hit the stage.

It wasn't what I would call huge $$, but for the first Wednesday night of the new year, it wasn't bad and I didn't have to give away 50% of my earnings.

Not a bad way to start the year for an old biotch like me.

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