Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My first audition

My first audition was in March of 1982 at a club called the Pink Poodle in San Jose, CA.  There were no lap dances then.  We entered the stage through heavy velvet like curtains that were a reddish burgundy. Behind the curtains was the dressing room.  The dressing room has a rolling rack of costumes that were hanging on hangers.  I thought that they were provided by the club for the dancers to use while doing stage acts.  WRONG!  The dancers thought I was funny. An older dancer by the name of Diana, referred to me as being "green".  That meant total amateur, virgin, baby stripper.  I also remember her as giving her age as 28.  This scared the hell out of me.  I was 23.  She looked 40-something.  Was I going to look like that at 28??  (I was so "green" that I was gullible and believed everything people told me.  Smart, right?)

The two songs I choose (we did two song sets) was (I was so edgy, lol.  For the early 80's.), was "New Toy" by Nena Haggen and "Sex Dwarf" by Soft Cell.  

I was nervous.  I bounced around and on my second song, I perched myself on the old, neutral colored chair, put my legs up in the air and proceeded to pull my panties off.  The audience clapped and approved of my "bush".  I was really embarrassed.  I was offered a job and I declined.

I came back less than 3 weeks later.


  1. I worked at the Pink Poodle very briefly in 2007. ;) The dances are still done in boxes, no lap dances there!

    Very cool to hear your story.

  2. i drive by the poodle all the time, never been inside. dance at what used to be kit kat, now cheetahs in sunnyvale. :)

    lol on the 28 year old dancers looking 50 and being scared...when i started at 21 it was the same, i couldnt beliiieeeevvveee that it wasnt all 18 and 19 year olds. at my club now all the top earners are around 30.

    and finally -- sex dwarf is an AWESOME song to dance to!
    why LA instead of the bay area now? i hear it's rough out there but never danced there myself.

  3. Hello Rachel-

    Thanks for commenting. I dance in LA because my husband is in the entertainment biz. He is a successful producer of indie films (not porn, lol). I am also an actress. When I danced in the bay area, I went to great lengths to hide my dancing. If my agents knew, they would have dropped me. It was different in the 80's and 90's.

    I was actually engaged to one of the owners of the Kit Kat. I designed the interior and came of with the name. It's from the movie, "Caberet" with Liza Minelli. (She was one of my influences.)

    @ Catherine: When I worked there, there wasn't even lap dance boxes, lol! Just a stage and porn films in between our sets. After I worked there, my interest in porn was just severely diminished.:-)