Saturday, January 21, 2012

And here is what's happening presently

I found out I am going to be in an acrobatic recital on March 31st.  I've been training harder and setting up more mirrors in my small studio.  I'm exited but exhausted.

Worked last night and it turns out a few of the girls have colds.  I felt a bit run down yesterday.  I am so afraid to get another cold.  My last one lasted for over 3 weeks.  It was horrible but I refused antibiotics. It came back a week later.  Not as intense, but it was still there.  However, I lost valuable time.  I had planned to have my holiday shopping done by the first week of November.  I hardly worked the month of November.  Somehow, I got it done the week before the 25th.  The holidays were stressful.  I can't afford to get one while training.  Why don't the sick bitches stay home like I did.

Also, my main regular came in to see me.  He is older and has diabetes, so he can't drive.  He lives close to the club, so I give him rides home.  He suggested we go get Mexican food after I got off work.  There is a place across the street from my club.  
(When I get off work, I usually don't even like to stop to eat.  I feel so dirty.  But if I do, I want to wind down.  I don't like going anywhere trendy.).

So, it turns out Don Diego's #2 the place to be on a Friday night.  Shit!  This place is fairly small.  It was twice as loud as the music in my club.  And It Was Playing The Same Damn Music!!!  It gets worse.  It was Karoke night.  We got the last empty table.  Lots of people came in when we were ready to leave at 11:30.  The waitresses were frantic, some people drunk, the guacamole was fresh and this place was rockin' LOUD!

Who would have ever thought it?  It's just not for me.

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