Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bob's Beach (Part 2)

I mentioned when I left San Francisco for Bob's Beach that it would end in a violent situation in an earlier post.

I had been living there for a couple of months.  The parties were starting to annoy me.  Bob's attention had become stifling.  I liked him very much, but I knew this is not the life I wanted for myself.  Working at Richard's Lounge was working out well enough.

During that time, I was offered a bachelor party.  I had pretty much  decided not to work the party circuit any more.  They were offering a nice incentive.  My best friend Amber, who was dating the other Bob said she would go with me for support along with my appointed body guard.

When I arrived to the party, it turned out to be a young but upscale crowd.  They were all great looking, clean cut.  The party was tame and went very well.  When I was done, all the girlfriends started to arrive and it turned into a social party.  I was invited to stay.  Everyone, the girls included were nice to me.  I got to know the guy who hired me.  He was very hot.  Add alcohol, me being generally unhappy, yes we hooked up.  Before this happened, I asked Amber if she would have my back.  Meaning, not tell Bob if I hooked up with this person.  She promised she wouldn't say anything.

Drugs, alcohol, stupidity and being young is not the best combination.  Amber and I had an argument about a month later. She told Bob everything.  He didn't let on that he knew for a good week.  We were in bed, he told me that he would really like to marry me so that I would become "his".  I told him I wasn't ready for that kind of commitment.  I also didn't want to become anyone's piece of property.  That is when he blew up and let me know he knew.  He said he still loved me.  He said he would do his best to forgive me.

Yeah, that went well.

When I moved out of my parent's house, I took the bedroom set they bought me when I was 5.  It was a nice queen size, wooden, four poster bed.  I moved it to San Francisco.  I took it with me to Bob's Beach.

Since Bob found out about my fling, I noticed he had been drinking a bit more.  I would come home from work and there would be more random people hanging around that usual.

On a Friday night, I came home after work.  There was a full on beach party in the works.  I wasn't happy, but I decided to have a drink a be social anyway.  Bob introduced me to a hot, tanned beachy babe, Tammi.  She was nice enough.  We talked a bit, then randomly split up.  I sensed Bob wasn't paying that much attention to me.  It started to become a strange night.  His friend, Jim had flirted with me previously.  This night he straight out asked me to sex him.  I said No.  He asked why since I had hooked up with the bachelor party guy.  (Great, Bob told everyone).  He was also throwing all kinds of negative comments at me; saying that it wasn't my home because I wasn't charged rent- how long was I going to keep dancing because I was old at 25, et.

I got up to leave the party.  My car was parked on the street.  I sat in there to relieve my temper for a while.

A half hour later, I come back to an empty beach.  I walk into the house.  I go to open the door to my room.  Sonny, who was passed out on the couch, bounces up and tells me not to open the door.  I ask why, but then I hear the grunting, moaning, groaning of sex.

I'm shocked, mad.  I go into the kitchen and break a few dishes.  I cry.  Then I realize they are doing it on the four poster that my parents gave me!!  NO!!  Did I mention Bob liked to hunt?  I go for the rifle.  Sonny struggles to get it away from me.  I fall into a heap crying, telling I have no intention on killing anyone.  I just wanted to scare them.  He makes sure the gun isn't loaded.  He is trying to soothe me.  I told him to let me go.  I promised I wouldn't beat the shit out of Tammi.  I just had to get them off of my precious bed.

I walk in.  They are doggy style.  Bob tells me to get the fuck out.  I tell him to get the hell off my bed.  (This exchange is repeated a few times).  Tammi squeals, 'what's going on?  Is that chick your girlfriend"?  I tell her not anymore.  He tells me they're busy.  I tell him I don't care.  I will wait until they finish so I can strip the bed and burn the sheets.  He can't finish (lol).  She barely dresses and runs out.  He and I argue in the living room.  He's naked, I'm in sweats.  He says he wants me out.  I say I'll get my stuff out while he's at work the following day.  Luckily, I had a friend to stay with.  I find a new place to live within a week.

At this point in time, Amber and I are not friends.

I hope everybody has had a nice holiday!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Holidays are Hectic

...and a bit depressing.  My current club has been slow.  It's not the lack of making it rain that is bringing the sadness.  The state of some of my customers.  There is a young man who comes in nearly every day.  At least everyday that I am there.  Apparently, he has a terminal illness.  I've heard this from the other girls.  He hasn't told me.  I talk to him everyday that I see him.  He hasn't told me, but he asks such existential, yet simple questions.

Then my long term regular severed our relationship last week in a severe manner.  I really don't want to cross paves with him again.

Everyone else in my pole/acrobat class is passing me up in their strength and talent.  I'm afraid to practice at work because the pole is so slippery.  I have insurance, but it's still not worth taking the risk.  I practice at home every chance I get.  But my housekeeping is suffering because of it.

Enough about my pity party.  I will continue stories about my sordid past tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Living At Bob's Beach in San Jose, CA (Part 1)

I realize it's been a month since I've posted.  The site I was supposed to be published in didn't work out:-(  I have to admit it this derailed me a bit from writing.  Enough about the present, I have a past to write about.

Leaving San Francisco was a culture shock for me.  I was brought up in the suburbs for the most part.  However, living in England as a child, going to school in "San Fran" and Los Angeles left an impression on me. I had become an "urban gorilla". Going back to the suburbs made me feel like I failed to achieve goals.  Still, I needed the change.  My partying in the city was ruining me.

I moved in with the two Bobs at the faux beach in the Willow Glen neighborhood of San Jose, CA.   Hawt Bob and I were infatuated with each other.  He dumped his long time girl friend for me.  I never met her personally, but I heard she was a sweet girl.  I stole her man from her, not a great accomplishment. Hawt Bob delivered fish for a living.  Yup, fish.  There is nothing wrong with this.  It was just a change for me.  Going from dating law students, medical students, attorneys and male models to, well, fish.

It turns out the Bobs loved cooking, having people over and (you knew this was coming), throwing parties.  What is that old saying?  Jumping from the frying pan into the fire?  Something like that.  It was very difficult to detox in that environment.

He did take care of me for a couple of weeks.  He cooked for me and nursed me back to physical health.  (I wasn't quite healed mentally).

Eventually, I needed to start working.  I knew I didn't want to dance  naked any more.  I found a little local bar called Richard's Lounge. It was owned by a very large, amiable, Canadian man, Richard Brazil.  This little place was located in Sunnyvale,CA.  (This is where Macbooks came from,kids).  This was a very small lounge with an elongated full bar, a small rectangular stage and I believe there was a pool table in the back.  There was usually 3 dancers on a shift.  We worked seven hour shifts.    Since we danced in bikinis, they had a full bar. (No nudity and alcohol in California).  We danced a couple of songs on stage, picked from a jukebox.  Then we would do these little dances for a minute or so for the individual man and/or woman.  They would tip us directly.  They were allowed to stick the money on to the edge of our bikini bottoms.  I found out later that most of the money was being tipped into the bikini bottoms.

This was to be my second home for the next 8 years.