Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Holidays are Hectic

...and a bit depressing.  My current club has been slow.  It's not the lack of making it rain that is bringing the sadness.  The state of some of my customers.  There is a young man who comes in nearly every day.  At least everyday that I am there.  Apparently, he has a terminal illness.  I've heard this from the other girls.  He hasn't told me.  I talk to him everyday that I see him.  He hasn't told me, but he asks such existential, yet simple questions.

Then my long term regular severed our relationship last week in a severe manner.  I really don't want to cross paves with him again.

Everyone else in my pole/acrobat class is passing me up in their strength and talent.  I'm afraid to practice at work because the pole is so slippery.  I have insurance, but it's still not worth taking the risk.  I practice at home every chance I get.  But my housekeeping is suffering because of it.

Enough about my pity party.  I will continue stories about my sordid past tomorrow.

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