Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bush: Then & the present, (and I'm not talk'in ex-presidents)

When I started dancing in 1982, I had a boyfriend.  He was cool with the dancing and didn't create any kind of drama about it.  My problem with him (or at least one of the problems) was that he was reluctant to go down on me.

I didn't say anything for a while for this is not a huge requirement for me, but it's nice every now and then.  Finally, I asked why.  He said my pussy was MENACING!!  MENACING??!!  Wow, this made me feel like I had some sort of monster down there.

So, at my club at work, nobody ever said anything about it.  My income was decent,but I wasn't exactly top earner.  At this point, I had been there for a couple of months.  I finally asked the manager his opinion.  (This is still the Pink Poodle, a nude club).  He was honest and said my vaginal area was so dark and hairy that nobody could really see my vagina, not even my outside lips!

This was perplexing to me since none of my boys before this had ever complained.  I didn't have many girl friends (I was sort of a chubby, geeky-cute girl.  It was not cool to be a geek in the late 70's/early 80's.  So my so-called hot girl-friends didn't really want me around when they went trolling clubs for good marriage material) and with girls who had nothing to do with sleazy strip clubs, that last thing they would discuss was how they kept their vaginas.  Hell, we didn't even say the word "vagina" in those days!

Therefore, my manager was the only one I could really ask.  I took his advice and started shaving the outsides and trimmed everything else.  Good advice: my income went up & I got a lot more oral sex.

This would work for me well into the mid-nineties where I then went to the "landing strip".

Then around '03, I worked in a nude club briefly in LA.  I didn't get bad comments, but I did get comments like "Wow, you still have hair down there".  ??   Oh and a really amazing comment " If you didn't have all that hair, you would be easier to eat". Oh, really??!!   That comment was also in a club and there was no way in hell, this guy was ever going to get that close anyway:-(  Again, none of the dancers said anything to me or management.  I don't think these comments were meant to be insulting.  There was just a new va-jay-jay fashion thing happening.

So I became hip to women getting waxed COMPLETELY, lasered or just shaving the entire area. These were not just dancers, but my friends from IRL (as they call it on stripperweb.com) I decided to take the shaving route.  This works for me.

I'm very aware of tattoos on the mound, in the nineties I met a girl with around 9 piercings on, in and around her vaginal area (and she wasn't even a dancer) and the blingy vagazzling.  Not to mention anal bleaching.

Did I mention I haven't worked nude for years??

I am happy with a shave and a trim, thank you very much.


  1. Very entertaining post! As a stripper myself I know how vagina hair can be a massive topic and ultimately the difference between a good earning and an ok one.
    I've always believed in having some hair down there. It looks grown-up - I'm not 12 after all!

  2. Thanks for your comment. It's amazing to me how there are so many artistic fashion choices with vaginas these days. Back in the day, when I first started; it was either neat or not. We've come a long way in 30 years, lol;-)