Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Audition Today

(By the way,I'm using an app for the first time to write this post. It's blog press from my iPad. So if it looks a bit different, that's why.
My home club in the valley has had the city they are located in prohibit dancers from smoking outside of the club. They say it makes the neighborhood look bad. Umm...it is BAD. Therefore, the dancers have to smoke in the bathroom lobby of a tiny club. Also, management has smoked in their little office for years. The bouncers and management can smoke outside. We can't. I ponder this: This is a double standard, mais' no?
Having been away training for the most of the last 3 months, I had grown accustomed to the air in my open home in Santa Monica, the humid but relatively clean air of my dance studio and hanging out in the pretty much smoke free city that I live in.
I went back to work for six hours eight days ago. The second hand smoke was so bad that I had to cancel my dance classes the next night and I still have the remnants of the cough the shs initiated. Plus, the 405 is still giving me a headache, I'm not a fan of the valley and I can use a change of scenery.
A dancer from my smokey home club told me about a little place in Oxnard, CA giving it raves. I called there last week, told them I'd like to audition. They said I could come in during the beginning of the week. I emailed them pics and a recent vid. They actually called me in to work a Friday night! I couldn't make it, but I was flattered.
I decided to make the hike up there today. It is twice as far as my home club, but I was in traffic for about the same amount of time. I would rather be in traffic by the beach then on the icky 405. I was much less stressed when I arrived.
The place was small, the lighting pleasant (not dark and cavernous like my home club). A very cute blond w/ pink ends, Elizabeth, greeted me. She said the managers weren't there. I was a bit disheartened at first, since I told them I would be coming today. There was a misunderstanding: Elizabeth thought I wanted to work, I told her that wasn't the case. She called her superiors and they gave her the ok to audition me. All 3 girls were very attractive. Elizabeth told me I was pretty. The biggest of the 3 girls, Blaze was very friendly. When I got dressed, she said she loved my body and asked about my workout. It has been years since I've had such a friendly reception from women I may end up working with! I'm wondering what the 'catch' is, lol!
I danced, they loved my pole work (I didn't do anything!), the guys throw a little $$ my way, so my lunch and latte were paid for:-) I'm pretty sure I'm hired and I'm not picky about getting weekend shifts. I forgot to ask about tip out or house fee. The girl that recommended me to this place said that we get a wage, but then pay some of it back?? I can't really remember.
Two more girls came in while I was leaving: a thick platinum blond and a very tiny red head. They are all cute and of course younger than me. Way cuter than the girls they have on their site. We'll see what happens. Blaze actually extended her hand to me to shake hands! THAT IS A STRIP CLUB FIRST!!
I'm keeping one day a week for now at the smokey place. There is a place in NoHo that I love working at, but they ask so much $$ from us to work there. I'm always welcomed there and that's a nice thing. If only the $$ was better:-(
The club scene is changing so much in Los Angeles county. I read recently that there is a site in which web cams are inserted on stages and in dressing rooms in certain clubs. The site is shaky now because it's new, but so was myspace, youtube and FB. This is the future.
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