Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Dance Studio

I have to say I do love this little cafe I'm sitting in right now. It's very tiny,King's Cafe. They have two hot baristas who work here. They also own the falafel place next door. You order your food at that place. You can either eat outside or they bring it to you in the cafe. Omar is the night time barista. Great hair! Middle Eastern mix of some sort, but hella nice. The day time guy from last year anyway was a tall,long haired Asian.

The economy has hit my industry bad. I'm going to have to start working more often. Even though, in this business, that doesn't guarantee better income. My home club will let me work more often, but I'll die early working there. (That's the smoky one) I really want to continue with my poling. My goal is to compete next year. They have a masters category which is for 'old bitches' like me. 39 & up. A 62 yr. old won first place this year. She does a couple of very, very impressive tricks that I haven't even learned yet. I figure I better do it next year because of lot of current senior winners (25-39) are pushing 40! That's all I need is to have to compete with Sasha Lee, Rebecca Hennes or Leigh Acosta. (Not that they're all turning forty next year).

Here's the thing: I can't work and take lessons on the same day. There is no way I could make it to my classes on time. Secondly, I just wouldn't have the energy to learn after dancing and hustling all day. I would also run the risk of injuries. I've had my fair share, but unstretched muscles, tight calves from platform heels are a recipe for disaster. Until recently, I was able to afford to just work twice a week, so I could study dance. This is not the case any more. If I quit the studio, I will never, ever again find pole classes for less than $10 a class. ( I pay $100 for 12). I need to keep this going. This place has some of the best instructors in the industry teaching and I can get there by taking side streets.

I've decided to take three classes a week, all in one day. I already know that I can work out three hours a day with no problems. I usually take two classes when I come to the studio. I just don't take them back to back. Unfortunately, I may have to. This means I have to take it really easy the day before so I won't hurt myself. I also need to stretch like crazy before and after. I've proved to myself that I don't have to go cray on the pole at work to gain attention. This was an important lesson for me. My body now thanks me for it.

If I become a title winner next year, that usually means free classes:-)

I'll have more time for friends and writing as well. I just need to find clubs that are a good fit for me, that will have me. I'm not like a Beverly Hills chick, but I do have to do a certain amount of maintenance to look attractive. Maintenance cost money. But I have to be at least kinda hot to make money. Oye! The vicious cycle!
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