Saturday, April 27, 2013

This is What I Was Working For!

Since the beginning of February, I cut down my work load, trained like a crazed person, gave up my snowboard season, lost money..all so 500 paying people could see me perform solo for less than 3 minutes on stage.  I spent money on a designer costume, sessions with choreographers and rented studio space.  
The biggest compromise was not seeing my non dancing friends and being away from this blog.

The following is a link to my unlisted performance on youtube:

It's far from perfect.  Do I regret it?  No.  I was frustrated and injured for a good part of the time.  I think I learned how not to injure myself and approach preparing for a performance in a less painful way.

If you get a chance to take a look, critiques are more than welcome:-)  I will be 54 next month.  Keep that in mind while watching my vid (if you have time to).

I'll be writing more soon.

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