Friday, April 5, 2013

Forgive Me But It's Been Over 3 Months Since My Last Post


Yes, it has been this long.  I promised myself I would keep writing, but then the Sundance Festival happened, then the Burlesque Hall of Fame auditions that had to be in by February 4th and finally the chance to audition for a solo spot in the studio I have been training at for the last year and a half.

I sacrificed my snowboard season because I had to cut down dancing at work in order to train and not injure myself so I could compete for a solo pole dancing spot in a sold out venue that seats 500.  I'm lucky to have a loving partner who basically has supported me financially since January.

I've been living simply and training nearly everyday.  I injured myself twice in the process.  Including the night of my audition, just 3 hours before.  I went anyway after searing pain, tears, ice packs, two viccodin, 1/2 a xanax and four sticky heat packs on my back.  Got there nearly an hour early and warmed up.  I messed up a sequence, I was racing to end where I wanted to.  I only had once chance.  I left thinking I really messed up.  I had a 3 hour rehearsal for something else in the morning.  To make this story shorter, I got the solo spot.  Yet, I haven't been able to really train all week because of my injury.

I sacrificed my blog, my winter fun (and mostly his, he lost a lot of $$ on our Mammoth memberships), my time with my non-dancing friends, income at work for 4 minutes of stage time and possible clout in the world of pole acrobatics.  And I may not get the clout part.

I apologize to what readers I hopefully still have.  I may not make another post until after April 20th (4/20, ha-ha), but I will try.

I have Coachella next week, so I need to research a lot of bands.

I'm still not sure if I regret doing this.  I don't think so.  During this journey, I've been picked up by another dance company, I've learned how not to train too hard, even though I am injured I've increased my stamina and strength.  Although I have a lithe, muscular body, it's covered in bruises so I don't show it off very much.  Ah, the irony.

But I will be back to continue the story of Dorien Grais and the effect that working at Richard's Lounge had on her.

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