Monday, June 24, 2013


I'm actually at the Unurban once again. It's been a strange week since I quit the Classy Lady the other day. I did have a wonderful time performing with the pro aerial ladies in Hermosa Beach last

(Me and my friend & talented dancer Cat Cheng).

(Also there is an angry guy who is swearing at his computer sitting across the room from me. I can hear him loud and clear. This is not cool. I may have to finish this at home:-(

I did have an interesting audition today at an interesting little club called Burlesque. It's very deceiving from the outside. Very run down, parking sucks. But once inside, the place was dark, but spacious and very, very clean. It actually smelled clean! The vibe was very old school classy, like gentleman's club out of the 70's. Upper class mature, not trendy. This is a bikini bar. I don't believe the dancers were ready yet, as I didn't see any.

I spoke with the manager. He liked my look,which was cool. I was dressed to go teach a girl a pole lesson. She had to cancel, so I was in yoga pants and minimal make up and a nice blown out pony tail.

Here's the catch: he hires 'career dancers'. He wants you to work the minimum of 4 days a week. He demands this of all of his dancers. He said he was willing to go to 3 for me, yet he has no day shift on the weekends.
He said he really caters to his clientele. He says that if a client calls and asks if a girl is in, he wants to be able to accommodate that person with that dancer.

I really admire this. A guy with a solid business ideal. This won't work for me, but it was nice to end the interview on a positive note. He caught up with me outside (probably to check me out in natural light due to my advanced age:-) He was very polite and all smiles. Good for him.

I feel good today because I actually have an idea for a small business that just might work. More of that later.

I still owe you guys some stories of my past.

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