Thursday, May 10, 2012

"Workmen's Comp"

Ah yes!  Workman's Comp.  Now here is a term we don't hear about too much these days.  Once upon a time, strip clubs had this item.  Basically, it's a form of insurance wage replacement and medical benefits to employees who are injured during their term of employment at the location in which they are employed.  However, if the employee accepts workman's compensation, they give up the right to sue their employer.

The Pink Poodle employed us as part-time entertainers.  I had injured my knee while working.  I took a week off and I was compensated.  So simple.  There was another club, a bikini bar called The Brass Rail.  The dancers there would make a video of themselves dancing topless.  They would play this video on a film screen while the dancer danced on stage in a bikini.  Therefore, they were considered a "topless club".  At the time, the dancers were also employed as cocktail servers.  They had a drink quota.  If a dancer worked there at least fours shifts per week, she was entitled to low cost health insurance.

I realize clubs these days consider us independent contractors.  I know quite a few club owners who have problems keeping their dancers.  I've heard rumors of certain clubs in Southern California starting to give cash incentives to dancers who show up early or work a certain amount of shifts.  

I recall that neither the Pink Poodle or the Brass Rail had too many problems with dancers not showing up or completing their shifts.

I know that offering health insurance is not going to happen.  In the 1980's and 90's it was affordable.  Now, in the USA, I think anyone who has paid attention to the news or has tried to purchase health insurance knows the answer to that.

The fact that some clubs are deciding to pay us instead of the other way around is a small, positive start.

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