Saturday, April 21, 2012

History of dance shoes: 1982 to present

(Again, I've been M.I.A.  I've been @ Coachella and Vegas.  Interesting times at both).

But I'm here now.  When I first started dancing, the highest heels I wore were all of 3 inches with no platform whatsoever.  They were usually pumps.  I recall I did have a pair of the infamous Frederick's of Hollywood mules which were strapless with the fuzzy feathers on the foot band.  I believe I had some maryjanes too.

Around 1985-86, I added ankle socks into the mix.  Back then, I still had a very young look, so I could rock them.  (No way I would do that now!).  I did graduate to some strappy high-heeled (still around 3 to 4 in.), but still no platform.

In the late 80's, I started taking a lot of various dance classes.  In my head, I fancied myself "a real dancer".  So, I went through a phase of wearing character shoes.  I think some people did find them adorable.  But looking back, I guess that was sort of a dork move on my part.

In the mid-nineties, I purchased my first pumps with a 1 in platform.  Apparently, this was a ground breaking move and a lot of my co-workers disapproved and really hated the look.  I found they were a bit more comfortable than the lower heels I had been wearing previously.  Who knew I was starting a future trend in my area, lol?

In the late nineties, I went through a period of wearing retro go-go boots.  Again, the heels were relatively low and being small I could pull them off.  I didn't start wearing actual platform boots with at least a five inch heel until 2002.  I was 42 then!

Finally, in 2003, I bought my first pair of 6 inch platform heels!  It took me over 20 years!!  In the past two years or so, I do prefer platform boots, but if I find a pair of magic heels, I go with them.

I think dancing in such low heels for so long has added to my longevity as a dancer.  Also, when I moved to San Francisco, I wore low heels or even Teva sandals because I walked those treacherous hills all the time.  Wearing low heels and flats were saviors to me feet and ankles.  At least I think that helped keep those areas strong.

If I can find some pics, I will try to stage an evolution of exotic dancer shoes.

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