Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"Punk Rock Night" at a club I worked in last week.

I was really exited to work the themed "Punk Rock Night" at a little topless stage club I work in from time to time.  This particular themed night started nearly 2 years ago.  I've been a punk rock fan for a long time and had really wanted to work the famed theme night, but my schedule had not permitted it until last week.

I was so-o-o-o looking forward to it.  I agonized over what was in my ipod.  Wondered if The Horrors would have been considered punk even though they've only been around since '05.  Was John Lyndon still considered a punk rocker after he broke up The Sex Pistols and formed PIL?  Oh!  So much attention to detail:-)

I put a lot of time and detail into my outfit for the night: British Union Jack Flag 8in platform boots, union jack themed bikini w/ anime girls on it, red thigh highs, long, flat ironed "emo hair", chain dog collar, dagger  I had the look and the music.  I was pumped!

When I get there, there are only 4 dancers (small club) and only one of them looks anything close to punk rock.  I listen to the music the other girls are playing.  Iggy Pop?  Yeah, thats' kinda punk.  The others are playing more rock.  So I compromise and throw down the new version of "The Immigrant Song" by Trent Reznor and Karen O.  I do ok.  (Btw, this is mostly a stage club).  I am also a bit perplexed by the lack of punk, since the DJ says to me "You are aware that this is punk rock night, aren't you?"  (Umm...duh.  Look at the way I'm dressed).  Sheesh!

When I'm up again, I pick the Ramone's "Airwaves".  I do ok again.  But I keep hearing Greenday and White Stripes.  GD is not punk.  They are merely influenced by it.  White Stripes, debatable.  But I'm feeling the vibe.

Once again, it's my turn.  I go full punk and play The Sex Pistols "Pretty Vacant".  BLANK.  STARES. VERY. LITTLE. TIPS.

After this, I talk to the manager.  She said when she was dancing and they had started punk rock night almost 2 years ago.  It was profitable and fun.  The DJ knew his punk and the dancers dressed accordingly.  (Then I heard Nirvana??!).

So, I ended up way compromising: changed my outfit, played Hole, The Kills and other punk wannbe bands and did better.

But what really got to me is when i heard....JAY-Z!  Jay-z???  Ok, I like him.  I have some of his music downloaded.  But since when is "99 Problems and Bitch Ain't One" a punk song??  Since when is Jay-Z punk rock???

I worked that night to get away from rap.  Just for one night.

Did you know that punk doesn't even come up when you go to the genre section on iTunes??

I guess punk rock is dying, but punk rock night at that NoHo club is def dead:-(.

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