Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Recent Past: Last Weekend

I'm not really sure what to title this post.  I just found that  little snafu I had with (for some reason I couldn't copy and paste my blogs on their site.  Although, they encourage blogs there).  However, that's been resolved and it makes me happier.

I guess I'll write a bit about the present.  I worked over the last weekend.  It was fun and I had some rather wacky things happen.  The first thing was a rather cute Indian/American guy I met at my stage.  We chatted a bit after I danced ( my regular was there, so I couldn't get dances with my Indian friend:-(  He was very sweet.  And the lighting in that club works very well for me apparently.  He thought I was only 25!!!!  You all know I'm 53.  (But he doesn't).  So he bought a bunch of dances from another dancer, and I was dancing for WP(my regular).  We do this on a long, winding couch. He chose to do his dances with this dancer fairly close to where I was doing my dances.  When his girl and WP got up to take a break, he would slide over to me so we could chat.  It was really funny.  I went on stage a bit later.  I always go up a minute early for my set so I can clean the two poles myself.  Dreamy, Indian guy tipped me just for cleaning the poles!  He may be coming back to see this Friday.  Yay!

Later that evening as I was getting ready to leave, a very drunk Brazilian dancer I work with, Luna kept talking to me. ( I call her Luna-tic...get it?)  He words were slurred with a Portuguese accent.   I don't speak Portuguese.  She was more difficult than usual to understand.  She's tiny like me, but all that alcohol has ruined the surgery she's had.  I've heard she's had a lot of lipo around her core and had something weird done to give her the look of yoked abdominals.  She has also had that fat added to her booty.  The alcohol has bloated her core and has made her puffy.  Her legs and booty look good but the definition is gone.  She has the look of excessive alcohol.  Anyway, she's drunk.  She's hugging me and keeps telling she wants my body.  She says she wants to "follow me".  I'm a bit confused, but I figure out that she wants a body like mine, not wanting to hook up with me.  I keep telling her "thank you" as I'm cleaning up and packing my things away.  But she won't stop hugging me, complimenting me and somewhere in all this, she kisses me on the mouth!  Whoooaaa....(That's how Keanu Reeves as "Ted" in "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" would react).  In addition to all this, she can't find her purse which has her cell in it to call her ride.  (Thank god she had a designated driver).  Since, I have an everything plan, I let her use my cell, but she can't talk in it!  She's so drunk, she wants me to talk to her driver person.  I get a vm so I leave a message.  She finds her purse and I am so out of there.  Phew!

The following day, I worked in my small, topless, dive bar.  It's so funny, every time I work there it seems the lights on stage get darker and darker.  I was watching a Caucasian, blond dancer for a bit and I wasn't that far away and it was difficult to see her.  Also, the lighting makes blonds look like they have green hair.  Yay for me:-(

But it was a nice day.  There is a sweet man who will request songs and tip well for it.  His name is Jeremy, so he always has some dancer strip to PearlJam's "Jeremy".  He had an interesting request for me: "White Rabbit" but the Patti Smith version.  I like punk rock, but had never heard of this before.  It was strange, but fun.  He watched me at my stage for just a bit.  I knew he put tips down, but I'm not so rude to start counting it while performing.  Plus, it's now so damn dark on stage, I can't tell the difference between a $1bill or a $20.  When I was finished, I picked up my tips.  When I picked his up, it had girth.  Back stage I counted.  He had tipped my a $50 for that Patti Smith song.

The other cool thing that happened is I did a stage set that I loved. I changed into a gold metallic bikini and back thigh high boots. (It turns out metallics and neons work well with that dark, evil lighting).  I was really exited about the premiere of season 5 of True Blood.  I played the Bad Things theme song and "Forgotten People" by Thievery Corporation (this was the estatic dance scene from season 2 when Maryann put a sex frenzy spell on everyone at a party).  There was a Latin guy who turned out to be a True Blood fan.  His smile was so wide!  He was generous and we chatted afterward.  He was a bit embarrassed to admit he was a fan.  I couldn't tell him too much because he was only on Season 3.

It was a nice weekend for work.  I'll get back to my evolution of exotic dancing in another post.  I'm 53, my fingers are tired.

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